New to Costco

I explored Costco today. I had been there once before but today I really took my time and walked up and down every aisle to get an idea of what goes on there. I saw a lot of things that I had previously only seen at Jim and Shirley’s but there was also weird stuff like commercial automotive jacks.
However, What I found to be the most interesting were the people.
As I walked in the front door with my very specific shopping list I was tailgated by a middle aged couple who couldn’t get in fast enough. I figured they had a big list and were on a tight schedule. As they pushed by I heard the wife ask her husband, ‘So, what do you want to buy today?’
In the book aisle, a husband was flipping through a biography and the wife looked over his shoulder and asked, “Who is that?”
“Stephen Leacock,” the husband replied.
“Oh, I thought I recognized him. Not that I ever met him but he looks familiar.”
Later I stepped out of the way of two twenty-something ladies steaming down the center of the appliance aisle. One was aggressively pushing one of Costco’s oversized carts that was heaped to overflowing. She was explaining to her friend, “I’m here to do some revenge spending.”
As I passed the end of the spice aisle I caught a glimpse of an elderly couple lifting a large container of something I couldn’t identify. As they struggled to lower it into their cart I heard her justifying the purchase with, “That’s a big box – but we use a lot of them.’
Some people find fault with anything. An older couple was just ahead of me in condiments and she was marveling at how many pickled eggs were in a jar. He grumped and said, “Yeah, but they’re not the big eggs.”
I waited in the lineup amid rows of carts stacked to the brim with food, toys, candy, clothes and whatnot. I felt oddly out of place as I put my single package of underwear on the checkout counter and the cashier looked around for my cart. I feel like I had disappointed her by not meeting some unspoken quota of merchandise that one must collect before you are permitted to leave. I will have to check the membership rules again.

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  1. Interesting perspective.

    My first time setting foot in a Costco was as an employee. The store was still under construction when I was brought in for training so I really didn’t have any idea of what Costco was like until I stepped up to my till on opening day.

    A member (we never referred to them as ‘customers’) stepped up to my till and said, “this is my first time here so I don’t really know how this works”.

    “This is my first time here too,” I replied reassuringly, “we’ll figure this out together.”

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