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I first came across this cool online app after I watched Dutchsinse who was expressing frustration at having predicted the Italian double earthquake and trying to warn people about it. In his comments some people try to console him and and others tell him to leave it in the hands of god. One women (who sounds let she is familiar with how it is in Italy) came back with the best explanation:

Dutchsinse, in Italy it is forbidden by law to announce such disasters. I bet not only in Italy. We do our best to get the word out in our closed circles, but we cannot go out screaming that this will happen because we’ll finish in jail (even if we are proved right). We are very much concerned about Sicily, as great earthquakes happened there in the past, it is one of the very dangerous zones in Italy. Could you please let us know where to look for signs that one major earthquake is on its way to Sicily? Please. Thanks a lot, you’re doing a great job!

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