How It Is Made

I loved the series when it was on TV and now that it had it’s own You Tube channel I have even better control over what episodes I watch. When I find myself looking for something to distract me for a few minutes I go to ‘How It Is Made’ rather than something less educational, such as Epic Fails.

There Facebook page is:

Now you can be part of it. In a recent post they announced:

Hello guys !! How its Made it`s back and have a big surprise for you all. Are you interested about science ? Do you have a video with you about a project or experiment and you want to be promoted ? How it`s Made help you !! We upload your video on our channel to be watched for more than 360 000 people interested in science. Send to us in message, yourHD video but not longer more than 5 minutes and no songs included in video, only your voice. Have a nice day guys !!!


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