What is this place?

I am writing this blog for myself.

My head is full.

There are many cool things out there.
However, there is also so much garbage.
When I find a nifty gem it is a treasure.
Don’t you just want to hold on to them all?

Personally, I can only focus on one thing at a time.
In the past,  as I played with one nifty thought I had to set the others down, in the waste land, for a bit.
As I savoured the thought of the moment – I would lose track of the toys I wasn’t holding.
Many hours have been wasted searching for lost treasures.
Some have disappeared forever.

Now, when I find a nifty mind toy, I place it safely in this public vault.
When I come back, I can play with all of the toys without losing any of my random, nifty things.
Isn’t it nice to know where your things are?

I know where to look for mine,
They are already here.

You are welcome to play with my treasures.
Borrow and share as you see fit.
If you have some discovered some nifty mind treasures, do not hesitate to share…